Considering a remodel? We can help!

Whether you have recently bought a house or you have lived in your home for years, there will come a day when you find yourself saying, “I want to remodel”.  At first, this can seem like a daunting and stressful project. We believe every project should be handled with professionalism and a great amount of care. Our sales staff and designers are here to help you fine tune your ideas into the dream kitchen or bath you’ve envisioned. However, before the first aesthetic choice can be made, a working project budget should be discussed. Any type of home project can quickly grow to be expensive and cost-prohibitive, be sure you are able to undertake the financial commitment. Also, give yourself enough freedom in the budget to achieve the look and style you wish to convey. Are you willing to forgo some additional internal functionality for a grand aesthetic with all of the options, or will a conservative design with a multitude of internal storage solutions be more important? With your budget in place, Fairmont Kitchen Center can help in deciding what line of cabinetry will best suit your needs. Because cabinetry can be such a large portion of the budget, choosing the appropriate price range is important. Pricing varies greatly depending on the different types of woods, finishes, and the line of cabinetry you choose. Through our locally manufactured Mountaineer WoodCraft product, we offer several competitive price points.  Our semi-custom line, Lakeside Cabinetry, while lower in cost is built with the same professional craftsmanship and high quality materials.